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Prussian Landwehr Infantry Officers Pickelhaube with case.

Fine historical piece that has never been touched.

$1 400.00

Prussian Reserve/Landwehr Infantry Officer for Line Regiments Model 1897. A new “Out of the Woodwork” find in eastern Germany. . Helmet is in “As Found” condition with no cleaning or polishing done. Beautiful black lacquered helmet body with fine Fire Gilded trim. Overall trim totally matching in quality and condition with 100% gold finish remaining. Helmet body has good form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer has "Talky" white finsih that is common with unworn helmets. Some lacquer loss on back right panel (see photos).

Frontplate is the Prussian Line Regiments eagle without banner. On the center is a silver Landwehr cross. No extra holes in helmet body. Officer spike top with gilt star retainers. Interior sweat leather in tan calfskin with beautiful light beige silk headliner. The silk and sweat leather shows some minor wear on the back portion (see photos). Back visor is turned inward and is slightly damaged due to poor storage condition in case. Flat chinscales on rosettes with Officer Style 2-piece Reich and Prussian cockades. The black cardboard storage/carrying case is complete with a buckle missing and in average condition. A fine historical piece that has never been touched.

  • Ref.Head854
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Prussian