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Prussian 2nd Garde Grenadier Regiment, Officer Waffenrock

Untouched - Uncleaned. Needs TLC

State / Country Prussian
$650.00 Already sold !

Saxon Weimar -5th Thüringen- Infantry Regiment Officers Belt

Rare & Unique - 94th Infantry Regiment.

State / Country Saxon
$1 200.00

Bavarian GeneralMajor "Zu Disposition " Epaulet Set with Box

100% Original in near mint condition

State / Country Bavarian
$2 450.00

76th - "2nd Hanseatic" Enlisted Per-War single shoulderboard

Original to period

State / Country Other

Danish Uniform Patch WW1 or Later

Gilt Brass with remnant of green tissue?

State / Country Other

Set of Collar Litzen for Saxon Uniform

Original tailor stock

State / Country Saxon

Beautiful Napoleonic 1st Empire Série of "Planches" from Lucien Rousselot

Uniforms of the Carabiniers, Cuirassier, Hussars etc..

State / Country French

Pour le Mérite Order - 1970 copy.

Nice manufacture - Wagner Stamp

State / Country Prussian

Unique 13th Uhlan Named "Gefreiter" Ensemble of Uniforms and Beer Stein etc..

All items came directly from family in Germany

State / Country Prussian
$3 950.00

4 single shoulder boards or various units

Original Boards "as found" condition.

State / Country Prussian

Booklet "Armée Allemande" from the 1870's

Harcover by Edouard Fietta in Strasbourg.

State / Country Other

Baden Officers Sharpe w/Original Box

Near Mint condition

State / Country Baden