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Are you selling your object or your collection ?

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Are you selling your object or your collection ?

Age of Kings Militaria, is actually Remy Schaal and Randy Trawnik who are both near lifelong collectors of Imperial German and French Militaria.

We specialize in Militaria before 1919 but also buy good, quality militaria from other eras. We enjoy attending Military Shows and Antique Fairs to find items for our website, but most of what we buy comes from our friends and other collector families. We buy and consign both single items up to complete collections.

How much we pay depends on the items. We must keep in mind the price we would offer the items on the Age of Kings website. As collectors ourselves we sometimes purchase single items for our own collections and we may pay more than we normally sell it for! Usually when dealing with an individual collection we have to make a careful analysis of every item. However, some items that are in very high demand (or we just fall in love with) will be purchased for as much as 70% to 80% of expected sale price. In most cases, though, for normal good items we try to pay about 60% of the expected retail sale value. This allows us to take the time for offering and sale and to make a small profit after expenses are met.

Considering the Age of Kings offer:

There are many of excellent and reputable Militaria dealers in the business who will treat you fairly. There are also quite a few who will try to take advantage of you. Our difference is our approach and knowledge.

The Age of Kings advantage is that WE ARE COLLECTORS and are intimately aware of the Imperial Era MARKET and TRENDS.
When we purchase an individual piece or a collection, we work with the Collector to settle on a fair and immediate PURCHASE PRICE. All items are paid for prior to the removal from the collector. At that point your work is done and ours is just beginning.

For our Consignees:


As soon as the item is listed our attention turns directly to the goal of the sale and customer service. When the item sells and is paid for, we arrange for expedited shipping to the purchaser. The Consignees are usually paid within 30 days. No waiting 6 months OR MORE as with most Auction platforms

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How does the collector/seller get started?

Give us a call or send an email with a list and description of the items that you have. Photos are important. Give us the price that you would like to get for them. Please note any special or negative aspects of individual items. All collectors LOVE their treasures and have trouble parting with them. We know as we are collectors too. If you are interested in “Shopping them around” to other dealers please go ahead! We recommend shopping them first.

We know the Imperial Era market and will give you the best price.

Many thanks for considering Age of Kings for your Sale or Consignment needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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