About Age of Kings

“Age of Kings” is a small organization that specialize in French and German history and military antiques of the pre 1918 era.

Our goal is to provide information, research and contact within the collector community. We hope to provide regular informational postings related to military collectibles of the era. We encourage the reader to send information and research request to our site. In addition “Age of Kings” will also offer items for sale through our website or at auction. This group includes:

Wm. Randall

Wm Randall Trawnik has been a collector of Imperial German headgear for over 35 years. He is widely regarded for his knowledge and research related to the collection field. In the past, hermets form his collection have been exhibited in several major American museums.


Remy Schaal is originally from Alsace in France. The history of the region in particular has influenced him to collect German spiked helmets as well as French Imperial headgear, swords, and pistols. He is a well know in collector circles in France and in the US.