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Uhlan NCO/Officer Parade Bush

Very Nice overall

State / Country Prussian

Saxon Officer Cockade

Original to period

State / Country Saxon

Prussian 7th Uhlan or 3rd Dragoon Res. Officers Frontplate - RARE

One of the Rarest Plates.

State / Country Prussian
$1 350.00

Russian Visor Cockarde

Original with both Split brads.

State / Country Other

Set of Wurttemberg NCO Cockades - Nice Reproduction

State / Country Wurttemberg

Baden Silver Enlisted Front Plate for Technical troops or Dragoon

Excellent and uncleaned. Complete and Rare

State / Country Baden

Baden 109th Leib-Grenadier Enlisted Pickelhaube Emblem

Rare front plate - Uncleaned

State / Country Baden

Prussian Mle 1860 Silver Prontplate

Silver Prussian Line enlisted man plate.

State / Country Prussian

French "Saint-Cyr" Officer Military School Shako plate

2nd Empire Shako or Giberne plate in Brass

State / Country French

Bavarian Raupenhelm Leather Strap with Attachments

Original to period. Complete with Lion heads.

State / Country Bavarian

Officers Cockade for Pickelhaube Schaumburg-Lippe

Old Copy - well done with Cardboard Back


Trichter for Parade Plume Enlisted Pattern

Original Base - Trichter later copy

State / Country Prussian