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Consign your relic with Age of Kings

Terms And Conditions For Consigning Items For Age Of Kings.

In general:

  • The retails sales prices is set on agreement between AoK and You.
  • Aok will write the item description and do all photography
  • For larger collections we can help with packing and mailing, our time is at no charge…you pay for expenses.
  • We deduct our commission fee from the “end retail” price when the consignment item is sold.
  • We pay all credit cards or PayPal processing fees instead of charging them back to you. We have no “buyers fees”.
  • We charge a consignment commission fee of 22% per item. Consignment fees can be negotiable for higher priced items or larger collections.

Please read the “small print”:

  • We charge a 22% commission fee per item with a minimum commission fee of $25 per item. We deduct our commission fee of the retail price once the consignment item is sold. Please note the customer is allowed a three days inspection privilege when purchasing an item (s) through our website or on any other sales platform such as auctions or shows we are attending. Furthermore we can receive offers from buyers that we will submit to you for acceptation.
  • All items must be first delivered to AOK for inspection and approval.
  • If an item does not sell after being on our website for a period of 90 days. We may re-list it for an additional 90 days with a 10% reductions in the items current retail pricing. Such re-pricing is subject to approval by both the consignor and Age of Kings. After this period, unsold items will be returned to consignor. Cost of return shipping and insurance of unsold or withdrawn items is the consignors responsibility my mail at the cost of consignor, unless any other agreement was found.
  • We do not accept “reproductions” or “partial reproductions” items as well as items that deems not to be sold on our website .
  • All items must be first delivered to AOK for inspection and approval.
  • Listing cancellations: The consignor will incur a listing cancellation fee of 15% of the full retail price on any item (s) withdrawn if we have already begun our website listing work (ie. Copy writing, photography or website layout work). This fee covers our time and expenses for researching etc..
  • You must over 18 years old to engage in any agreement of consignment or sale with Age of Kings
  • You must agree to all consignment terms and conditions set by Age of Kings when consigning an item. We do not Buy, Sell, Trade or accept for consignment any firearms or ammunition. We do Buy, Sell, Trade or accept for consignment any illegal items, medical items, US police or law enforcement items of any kind. In general we do not buy, sell, trade or accept for consignment any items that violate our State and/or Federal Law.
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