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Unique 13th Uhlan Named "Gefreiter" Ensemble of Uniforms and Beer Stein etc..

All items came directly from family in Germany

$3 950.00

Unique Ensemble staright from Family in Germany and named to the Gefreiter (later NCO) BROYER, 3rd Squadron, 34th Weapon. The set consists of the Horsemans "Uhlanka" belonging to the 13th "Kings Uhlans" stationned in Hannover with a set of beautiful NCO grade Epaulets with with lining and Gilt Cypher. NCO silver buttons to collar. Tunic has some minor moth damage here and there, but not to destract form the overall quality of this Ensemble. Inside has some tears and old repairs, but this has never been in a collectors hand. His Name is also on a name tag and Embroidered in the Tunic  with Unit details (see pictures).

Along came his "Mantel" that is extra long and difficult to picture. Mantel has the Gefreiter shoulder Boards with Red Stitching of the Unit Mark. White Collar tabs similar to the Litewka on both Collars. This is actually a Rare Variant of the General Issue Mantel. Name and Unit marks also appear in the mantel along with his absolutely beautiful embroidered Initials.

More to the set the Beer Stein of the Regiment to His name in excellent condition and the Reservist Flask....also to HIS name. 

Last the average condition showing some dents to it....but part of the set.

This is a UNIQUE ensemble from one of the most prestigious units in the German Cavalry. Set is garanteed from one and same owner!

  • Ref.Head597
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Prussian