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Prussian Model 1915 Enlisted Uhlan Tschapka

Rare pattern Imperial era helmet.

$1 950.00

Prussian Line Prussian Uhlan Enlisted Man Tschapka Model 1915. Black lacquered leather body, round front visor, enameled black metal mortar board and field gray trim. Helmet has excellent form and firm stitching with proper turned down front visor. Exterior lacquer is in near perfect (a small crease towards the back...see pictures) and still has nice sheen. Interior has a pre-war style flat tabbed leather headliner. Lining that has some minor discoloration due to wear but is complete. Original drawstring.

Black metal mortar board is the M1915 style that twists off at the base. Mortar board held to helmet body with round studs. Front plate is the Prussian Line Regiments Heraldic Eagle. No extra holes in helmet body. Maker marks and date inside shell from "H.Müller & Co. Offenbach a.M" 1916" but no regimental markings found. Model 1891 field gray side with reproduction chinstrap Original cockade, but missing the field badge. The Prussian Line regiment Uhlan Tschapka is less commonly found than the Guards Regiment model. The Guards model was a common WWI War bond helmet. This helmet shows genuine use and is part of the World War I Imperial German helmet styles. Rare pattern Imperial era helmet.

  • Ref.Head855
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Prussian