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Prussian Field Artillery "Eigentums Helm" Pickelhaube with case

Beautiful - Hard to upgrade

$1 795.00

Prussian Field Artillery NCO for Line Regiments Model 1897. MINT CONDITION. Beautiful black lacquered helmet body with fine fire gilded trim. Helmet body has perfect form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer has bright finish and is in mint condition. Front and back visors show some mild crazing. Frontplate is the Prussian Line Regiments officers eagle in fine gold, held by two nuts/washers. No xtra holes. The eagle fits the helmet shell like a glove.

NCO style artillery ball top with the special NCO  type perlring. Round base with screw brad retainers. Balltop unscrews to adapt a Trichter. Artillery type back spine with no ventilation slide/hole. Interior thin black leather lining with 16 flaps in mint unworn condition. Rounded chinscales on rosettes over Officer Style 2- piece Reich and Prussian cockades. Over all a fantastic helmet that will be hard to upgrade.

Leather Case in excellenr overall condition, with carrying strap broken.

  • Ref.Head823
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Prussian