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Imperial German African Colonial Fez for native troops in Cameroon

Extremely Rare Find

Imperial German African Colonial Fez for native troops in Cameroon and Togoland. This Fez came from the consignor of an old collection that AOK have represented in the past 5 months. The Consignor stated that he purchased the Fez from the estate of Dr. von Hugen, a Medical Doctor from Modesto, CA. Dr. von Hugen had a well-known collection of Imperial German headgear and Colonial items. The doctor began collecting in the 1940's.
The German Colonization of Africa began in 1884. The colonies of Cameroon and Togo fielded a Military Protection Force that was controlled by the Reich Colonial Amt in Berlin. The expansion of the German military Schutztruppe began the use of native troops in the 1890's. By 1914 the Native Detachment had 1324 men . The Fez consists of a red colored soft pressed felt body with a small silver spread wings Reichs Eagle pinned to the front. The inside is profusely marked on the inside ( see photos) with the letter "K" for Kamerun prominent on the left side. Unfortunately, we do not know how to decipher the markings. The felt shows age and use. Examination with a Black Light reveals no modern threads or alterations. Missing the top black fringed tassel that adhered to the top center. As this item was included in the old collection we are offering this as a unique headgear item of the German Colonies. Extremely Rare find.

  • Reference : Head1016
  • Overall condition : Near mint
  • State / Country : Other

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