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Bavarian Felt Ersatz Enlisted Pickelhaubet

Very nice early wartime helmet

$1 150.00

Bavarian 5th Infantry Regiment (Bamberg) Green Felt Ersatz helmet for Enlisted Man circa 1914. Beautiful hard-shell green pressed felt helmet body with bright pre-war quality brass trim. The helmet body has excellent form and no tears or damage. Exterior pressed felt in flawless condition. There are a set of pre-punched extra holes immediately below the loops that are used. 

The interior of the helmet has dyed Enlisted Style leather liner is complete and in good condition. Inner visors of helmet have markings "5 J.R.". The front plate is the standard Bavarian helmet crest. The frontplate is held to the helmet by leather wedges. Brass spike and base in normal style. Old reproduction leather strap along with replacement Reichs and Bavarian Enlisted cockades.  Very nice early wartime helmet in Excellent Condition. Wonderful representative of the early WWI ersatz felt helmet. 

(Inv. 7-19)

  • Ref.Head950
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Bavarian