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Bavarian Model 1915 Infantry Pickelhaube

A nice wartime example

Bavarian Infantry Field Gray EM Model 1916. Black Lacquered helmet body with gray metal trim. Helmey overall is in excellent condition. Black lacquered leather helmet body in good form and excellent stitching. Grey wartime trim with Bavarian frontplate attached with leather wedges through grommeted holes. No extra holes in the helmet body. Model 1916 type spike top with removable spike on bayonet lug. Grey back spine and side posts. Interior of the helmet is dark with age but complete with still supple leather liner. Old replacement leather strap with original metal trim. The helmet has both Reichs and Bavarian Enlisted Cockades. The helmet is not marked inside. All trim matching a very nice example of a WWI wartime Bavarian EM helmet.

  • Reference : Head1006
  • Overall condition : Excellent
  • State / Country : Bavarian

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