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Wurttemberg Infantry NCO Pickelhaube

Woodwork find - untouched

$1 495.00

Black lacquered leather helmet body in excellent shape and condition with just some minor crazing. Beautiful Fire Gilt trim that is litteraly left uncleaned as found in an attic in Alsace. This helmet was initially a one year volunteer "EinJahriger" that was made into an Officers Aspirant by changing the round visor into the Officers pattern square trim and the round spike base into the cross spike base that remained part of this helmet for over 100 years.

The Frontplate is the Wurttemberg coat of arms -"Fire Gilt" - with the "Furschtlos und Trew" banner. Note that only about half the stag antlers remain as often on these helmets. No extra holes. Flat gold chinscales retained by rosettes over a set of NCO Wurttemberg and Reich colored Cockades. The Inside of the helmet is full officers with the Calf skin lining and silk liner in excellent condition but dirty. 

  • Ref.Head699
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Wurttemberg