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Prussian Leib-Kürassier Officers Backplate only

Extremely Rare - Unique find.

$1 095.00

Late 1800's version of an Officer's Backplate for the 1st Kurassier (Leib-Kurassier) Regiment. Light version of Nickeled steel plate with gilt Brass Rim held by brass domed rivets. Note that the backplate has two regular curves on each side, most likely from a previous negligant storage that could be helped professionaly, other then that, no major dents.

Remains of the original shoulder straps are present with the original silver lion heads. No strap. Inside has the officers lining with quite some wear...nonetheless original to the Kurass. Left untouched/uncleaned.

  • Ref.Head654
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Prussian