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Prussian 7th Uhlan Mle. 1915 Enlisted Tschapka - RARE

A TRUE Attic found, guaranteed 100% un-messed with

We recently returned from Ciney In Belgium ..…big show! Amongst the treasure hunt we purchased a very rare 7th Uhlan Tschapka model 1915.
This Tschapka is “Text Book” Larcade (see photos for a copy) as it is the only one that retained the “German Silver” Eagle for its Mod. 1915 type. This unit received the large “Grenadier Adler on June 16, 1913 so just before the begining of World War I.

Black laquered leather body in excellent condition with grey trim and removable (did not even try to remove) Mortar Board (some lacquer missing on one spot..see pics). The front visor is loose and trim has to be handled with care as it shrank a bit. Inside is dusty "as found" along with the ORIGINAL leather wedges to hold the eagle in place. Original dusty Drawstring.
The Eagle is absolutely similar and “Crooked” the way it is fixed as the 3 other original Tschapkas that we know of. It is a definite original and was born with this Tschapka. The Feldzeichen unfortunately was never part of it and is lost. The rarest mle 1915 type of all Tschapkas!

  • Reference : Head874
  • Overall condition : Excellent
  • State / Country : Prussian

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