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New Listing Updates

New listings Friday June 24, 2022 - 10AM EST

Dear Friends and Fellow Collectors,

. Next Update Friday June 24, 2022 at 10AM or 10:00 Eastern Standard Time (USA) with more new items. We believe we have fixed the "overcrowding issue" .....Hope for the best!

. Please do not email us or call concerning the collections or upcoming listings.  We will not preview or reserve helmets before the items are listed. Let us all be surprised!!

 We have heard your input as to our listing times and policies and proceeded with some minor changes:

We are instituting a 24 hour "HOLD" policy. This option is for customers who pay with methods other than Credit Card or Paypal. The "HOLD" function will allow the customer to purchase the item and then arrange for alternative payment method. The "hold" function is NOT a lay-away programBy accepting the "HOLD" function the customer AGREES TO PURCHASE the item. The customer must then contact Age of Kings to arrange payments. We will address them as soon as possible on our end.

Thanks for your understanding. 

Bavarian Ersatz Felt Pickelhaube

Untouched - 100% original

State / Country Bavarian
$1 295.00

Bavarian General Adjudant or Arzt Pickelhaube

Absolutely original and untouched...RARE!

State / Country Bavarian
$6 450.00

Bavarian Schwere Reiter Cavalry NCO Pickelhaube

Original and Untouched!

State / Country Bavarian
$1 495.00

Prussian - Hanoverian 10th Jäger Battalion - NCO Shako

Excellent - 100% original RARE

State / Country Prussian
$2 450.00

Prussian - NCO (Offz. Stelvertreter) Jäger Shako

Named to: "Off. St. Britsch R. Jäger 23".

State / Country Prussian
$1 350.00

Prussian Beamte/Customs Officer Pickelhaube

Absolute Mint condition

State / Country Prussian
$1 350.00

Prussian Jäger zu Pferd Model 1915 Enlisted Pickelhaube

An outstanding War Model style Jaeger zu Pferde

State / Country Prussian
$1 450.00 Already sold !

Prussian Wartime Pioneer Helmet. Model 1915 - Silver!

Model 1915 - with Silver trim.

State / Country Prussian
$1 150.00