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Website update schedule

New update on September 30, 2022

Dear Friends and Fellow Collectors,

We have attended our last September show in Greding but unfortunately not in time to be ready for the September 23rd update. Lots of new helmets and parts, therefore: 

Our NEXT update will be held on September 30 by 10:00 (EST).

. Next Update Friday August 19, 2022 at 10AM or 10:00 Eastern Standard Time (USA) with more new items.

. Our shop stays open as best as we can, some delays can occur during shipping, we will do our best to accomodate all orders.  

. Please do not email us or call concerning the collections or upcoming listings.  We will not preview or reserve helmets before the items are listed. Let us all be surprised!!

Randy & Remy


Memorial of the Battle of Reichshoffen
August 06, 1870. Charge of the Cuirassiers

Bavarian Ersatz Felt Pickelhaube

Untouched - 100% original

State / Country Bavarian
$1 295.00

Bavarian Schwere Reiter Cavalry NCO Pickelhaube

Original and Untouched!

State / Country Bavarian
$1 495.00

Prussian - NCO (Offz. Stelvertreter) Jäger Shako

Named to: "Off. St. Britsch R. Jäger 23".

State / Country Prussian
$1 350.00