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Garde Fusilier Regiment, "Gefreiter" Tunic

Excellent to near mint condition

State / Country Prussian

Prussian/Hannoverian Infantry Officers Pickelhaube

Pictured in Eric Johanssons "Pickelhaube" book

State / Country Prussian
$1 750.00

Württemberg Pioneer Enlisted Pickelhaube

Impossible to upgrade

State / Country Wurttemberg
$1 600.00

Baden Enlisted Dragoon Pickelhaube

From the Norm Obson collection

State / Country Baden
$1 550.00

Prussian Jäger Shako model 1915 with Rare Field cover

Quite rare to find the model 1915 with its field cover

State / Country Prussian
$1 295.00

Prussian Model 1915 Jäger zu Pferd Pickelhaube

Beautiful Classic Wartime JzP

State / Country Prussian
$1 400.00

Austro-Hungarian 3rd Uhlan Officers Tschapka

Pristine helmet in Mint Condition

State / Country Other
$3 850.00

Bavarian Chevau-Leger Officers Pickelhaube

Beautiful and untouched

State / Country Bavarian
$1 695.00

Prussian Mle 1915 Helmet shell with plate.

Nice as display form for a helmet cover

State / Country Prussian
$175.00 Already sold !

Austro-Hungarian Lancer Officer Tunic

Near mint condition

State / Country Other
$595.00 Already sold !