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Model 1915 Pickelhaube Spike Top

Original Part

State / Country Prussian
$95.00 Already sold !

Danish Uniform Patch WW1 or Later

Gilt Brass with remnant of green tissue?

State / Country Other

Prussian 10th Pioneer Officers Pickehaube - Extra Rare

Extremely RARE and near mint

$4 995.00 Already sold !

Braunschweig Enlisted Per-War single shoulderboard

Original to period

State / Country Other

Russian Visor Cockarde

Original with both Split brads.

State / Country Other

Prussian / Hannoverian 165th Infantry Pickelhaube Model 1915

A unique grouping

State / Country Prussian
$2 250.00

Set of Collar Litzen for Saxon Uniform

Original tailor stock

State / Country Saxon

Prussian Franco-Prussian War Landsturm Jäger Shako

Unique Franco-Prussian War Shako

State / Country Prussian
$1 550.00

Prussian Garde Infantry Felt Ersatz Pickelhaube

Garde plate is an absolute tight fit. 100% Original

State / Country Prussian
$1 895.00

Hessen Wartime Model 1915 Pickelhaube

Inside back visor marked to the R.B.A.18

State / Country Hessen
$2 250.00

Saxon Infantry Reserve Officers Pickelhaube

Model 1897 for Reserve Officers

State / Country Saxon
$1 450.00

Bavarian Private Purchase Infantry Pickelhaube

One Year Volunteer or NCO.

State / Country Bavarian