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Uhlan NCO/Officer Parade Bush

Very Nice overall

State / Country Prussian

Prussian Garde Officers Schabraque Star

Beautiful Bullion "Stickerei".

State / Country Prussian

Prussian Reserve Garde du Corps or Garde Kurassier Pickelhaube

Great center piece of any Imperial German collection.

State / Country Prussian
$12 950.00

W├╝rttemberg Officers Tschapka with Plume and Cords

Rare find with Original Fangschnur

State / Country Wurttemberg
$4 700.00 Already sold !

Bavarian Model 1873 Infantry Officer Epaulets

For a "Hauptmann" of the 2nd Infanterie Regt.

State / Country Bavarian

Prussian Leib Garde Hussar Enlisted Busby

From an Elite Regiment

State / Country Prussian
$2 395.00

Saxon 100th Leib-Infantry Regt. Enlisted Pickelhaube

Regimentally Marked.

State / Country Saxon
$1 450.00

Saxon Artillery Model 1915 Enlisted Pickelhaube

Fantastik Original Helmet

State / Country Saxon
$1 050.00

Prussian Felt Ersatz Enlisted Infantry Pickelhaube

Excellent Condition

State / Country Prussian