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Oldenburg Enlisted Man Infantry Pickelhaube

Overall nice and sound helmet

$1 750.00

Oldenburg 91st Infantry Regiment Enlisted Man Mod. 1895.  From an old collection. Black lacquered leather body with brass fittings.  Helmet body in excellent condition and firm stitching.   Exterior lacquer dull with age but no flaws or lacquer loss. Interior of helmet has the standard black dyed EM finger liner with leather draw string.  No markings inside visors. Inside bell is a 1916 stamp.  Front plate is the brass Line Prussian Eagle with the 2 piece silver star of Oldenburg in the middle of the chest.  The frontplate is attached with screw retained that go through grommeted holes in helmet body.  No extra holes in the helmet body.  Brass trim remains untouched and uncleaned. The helmet has the standard enlisted pattern non-removable spike top that is retained by four round brads.  Original black leather strap over M1891 posts. Both original Reichs and Oldenburg EM Cockades.

This helmet comes from an old collection that dates back to the 1970's.  The leather helmet body is all original with a 1916 date which is unusual for a brass trimmed piece.  The Oldenburg frontplate is original but is not attached by loops.  The helmet is not marked as we would with to see for an Oldenburg piece.  Everything about the helmet is perfectly fitted and appears to be a genuine and untouched piece. Our belief is that it was a private purchase piece for an Oldenburg soldier.  We are offering this at a discount to what it would sell for if it were Regimentally marked.  The inventory tag from the collection is inside the back visor. 

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  • Overall condition Excellent
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