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Bavarian "Schwere Reiter" - Kürassier- Reserve Officers Pickelhaube

Massive silver frosted frontplate.

$1 595.00

Black lacquered Leather helmet body from the late 1890's. Overall form and lacquer in excellent condition with only a small spot missing some lacquer. Body is of the earlier heavy construction. All Silver trim with a massive Silver frosted Bavarian frontplate "In Treue Fest" bandeau. In its center the gilt reserve Officers Cross. Emblem is held to the Helmet body by two screws with nuts. No Extra holes.

Silver Officers cross base with perlring maintained by silver stars. Nicely fluted Bavarian Spike top that unscrews to adapt a trichter for parade. Red and green underlayed officers visors that are firmly stitched to body.  A set of silver convex chinscales maintained by rosettes over a pair of Original Reichs and Bavarian Cockades. The inside is a full officers type with the calfskin band and the "Seidenrips" silk lining. All complete and original. 

  • Ref.Head872
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Bavarian