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Age of Kings Militaria.

Before World War I and the time of mechanized armies there was the Age of Kings. The great armies of the late 1900's were heirs to a rich military heritage. These armies embodied the spirit and national identity of the nations they served. There are few alive today who have witnessed the pomp and grandeur of a great military parade of the pre 1914 era.

The pageantry of processions of cavalry troops, artillery columns and massed infantry in colorful uniforms and headgear must have been a fantastic sight. Our goal is to provide information, research and contact within the collector community. We hope to provide regular informational postings related to military collectibles of the era.

We encourage the reader to send information and research request to our site. In addition Age of Kings will also offer items for sale through our website or at auction.

Age of Kings is offering helmets recently obtained “out of the woodwork” sources in Germany. The pieces are all original and beautifully “Salty”. Watch our site as we offer these amazing items.

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German Imperial Cavalry Ulan Enlisted Fangschnur

Woodwork find and left dirty-untouched, original Enlisted man Fangschnur for Prussian, Bavarian etc...Ulan Tschapkas - worn for parade.

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Prussian Wartime Officers Field belt -Subdued version in FG.

Brown pebbled leather belt with Subdued in Field Grey Brass Buckle, see close-up pictures. "W" partial miss. Overall nice condition, soft leather in VG shape. Note that the 2 finger brass prongs -although original- may not belong to this belt?

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Red Haarbush for Officers Pickelhaube in yack hair, with gold Bavarian Trichter.

Nice and crisp red color Haarbush, suited for a Bavarian Field Artillery Officer. Comes with the appropriate Officers fluted Trichter in gilt brass. 100% original.

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Prussian Wartime Officers Field belt

Brown pebbled leather belt with Subdued/Dirty Brass Buckled. Overall very nice condition, soft leather with some minor cracks as can be seen. Note that the 2 finger brass prongs -although original- may not belong to this belt?

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Baden Field Artillery ( Regiments 14, 30, 50, 66 and 76) Officer Model 1897.

Beautiful and outstanding looking helmet in near mint condition.

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German imperial Spike top for the Model 1915 Enlisted Pickelhaube

Overall good condition and original. We suspect however that the finish on the spike was re-done at some point in time...Nonetheless a good job and a hard part to find by itself.

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