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Age of Kings Militaria.

Before World War I and the time of mechanized armies there was the Age of Kings. The great armies of the late 1900's were heirs to a rich military heritage. These armies embodied the spirit and national identity of the nations they served. There are few alive today who have witnessed the pomp and grandeur of a great military parade of the pre 1914 era.

The pageantry of processions of cavalry troops, artillery columns and massed infantry in colorful uniforms and headgear must have been a fantastic sight. Our goal is to provide information, research and contact within the collector community. We hope to provide regular informational postings related to military collectibles of the era.

We encourage the reader to send information and research request to our site. In addition Age of Kings will also offer items for sale through our website or at auction.

Age of Kings Militaria is honored to offer for sale helmets from the collection of well known collector and author Col. Joe Robinson (USA Ret).  Col. Joe is mainly known to the Imperial German collectors community though his website "Colonel J's" at  www.pickelhauben.net. 

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Prussian Gorget "Ringkragen" for the 1st Leib Kurassier Regiment - EM

Straight out of the "woodwork" find. A gorget worn over the Kurass fo the Leib Cuirassier regiment "Grosser Kurfurst" #1. Model 1896.

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Prussian 16th Dragoon Officer's Pickelhaube (2nd Hanoverian)

Original and Unusually Rare Regiment, "WATERLOO" Dragoon Officer. Originally this distinction was attributed to this Regt. in 1899 in honor of their participation in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

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Black Parade Haarbush for Officers Pickelhaube with Tall silver Trichter

Yack hair approx. 14" tall. Trichter is approx. 5 3/4" tall with a base screw of a diameter of 7mm. An original set rare to find.

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Didier Laine Picture book printed in 1988 - Les Uniformes de L'Armée Allemande en 1914.

Excellent high gloss binder type book with 31 "planches" or pages of uniformed mannequins of a variety of collections. One of kind book printed in limited numbers.

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Saxon 101st Grenadier Regt. (Kaiser Wilhelm-King of Prussia Regt.

Officer to parade Model 1897. Outstanding quality black lacquered leather helmet body with gilded brass trim.

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White Haarbush in Yack Hair with Silver Trichter for Officers Pickelhaube

Original Haarbush for Officers with silver trichter. Overall eighth from base to top approx.11 3/4 inches. Mounting Screw of the trichter has an approx. 6,5 to 7 mm diameter.

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Wurttemberg 19th Uhlan pair of Enlisted Epaulettes

Original set of Epaulettes to fit the tunic of a Wurttemberg Uhlan. Ponceau Red backing with some minor moth nips. Wurttemberg cypher in gold. Excellent overall

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Red Haarbush for Officers Pickelhaube in yack hair, with Silver Trichter.

Although in excellent shape and color, we believe this to be an excellent copy of the late 1970's. Overall Height approx. 11". Trichter height approx. 5".

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Prussian Field Artillery Regiments 1,3 and 6 NCO Pickelhaube - NAMED

"Out of the Woodwork" find in Germany. Officer quality black lacquered leather helmet body with gilded brass trim. Helmet body has excellent form and firm stitching.

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German Pickelhaube Black Parade Haarbush for Officer

Black Yack Hair "plume" or Haarbush for an Officers Pickelhaube. Average condition with some minor hair lose, otherwise guaranteed 100% original to period. No trichter.

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French Marmouset for a Cuirassier de la Garde Helmet model 1856

Original all the way through Marmouset fro a French Garde Cuirassier Helmet. Some dents as can be seen on the pictures but come with the original screw and leather set. Very RARE and hard to find part.

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Prussian Medical Doctor "Artzt" Fieldgrey Visor.

Another straight woodwork find. Very nice condition overall. Visor for a Regimental Doctor of the WW1 era.

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Prussian Garde Infantry "One Year Volunteer" zu Parade Pickelhaube

Straight woodwork find Named to " Lt. A. Wienck" or "A. Wiend", with his studio Picture. Original condition

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Hessen Officers Frontplate for Pickelhaube. (RS)

Beautiful plate with approx.95% original fire gilting. Has both sets of screw. Pierced crown for Officers. distance between attachments approx. 95 cm. Tiny hole towards tail of the lion? 100% original plate, washer are replacements.

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Baden Silver Pioneer Enlisted Frontplate for Pickelhaube (RS)

Beautiful plate all silver -German Silver- Has both sets of screw, no bolts. distance between attachments approx 88 cm. Bandeau "MIT GOTT F. FUERST u. VATERLAND"

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Prussian Landwehr Shako Plate

Original Prussina Landwher shako plate in Black and White Painted steel. Missing the center reserve cross. Guaranteed original.

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NCO/Officers Artillery Balltop and spike base with black base plate

Original uncleaned with approx. 70% original Fire Gilting left, Artillery Base and Top Some minor damage at base, otherwise in Excellent+ shape. Rare to find in such condition.

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Silver Jaeger Zu Pferd Enlisted pattern Spike

Beautiful Silver spike and base for a Jäger zu Pferd Pickelhaube. In excellent to near mint condition. A Rare find, guaranteed Original.

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Brass Convex Chinscales for Officers Helmet with Original Rosettes

Original Set of Cavalry chinscales in Brass, left uncleaned. Leather a bit dry, otherwise complete with the Officers type rosettes.

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Set of Original Rosettes for flat Pickelhaube chinscales

Uncleaned/Brass set of rosettes for Officers Pickelhaube chinscales, complete with the split brads. guaranteed original.

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French or Belgium Shako or Helmet SILVER Officers chinscales

A nice Pair of unidentified Silver convex chinscales probably French or Belgium? Scales could be solid silver? mounted on Velvet as was custom on French Officers scales. Only one rosette remains. Excellent condition. Bargain priced.

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