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Age of Kings Militaria.

Before World War I and the time of mechanized armies there was the Age of Kings. The great armies of the late 1900's were heirs to a rich military heritage. These armies embodied the spirit and national identity of the nations they served. There are few alive today who have witnessed the pomp and grandeur of a great military parade of the pre 1914 era.

The pageantry of processions of cavalry troops, artillery columns and massed infantry in colorful uniforms and headgear must have been a fantastic sight. Our goal is to provide information, research and contact within the collector community. We hope to provide regular informational postings related to military collectibles of the era.

We encourage the reader to send information and research request to our site. In addition Age of Kings will also offer items for sale through our website or at auction.

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French Dragoon or Carabinier Officers shell of the model 1825 - 1856

Nice ensemble that was re-silvered at some point of a Carabinier Officers shell later adapted with a new bandeau and an original cimier of the model 1845.

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Prussian General Officer Helmet with Parade Plume

Straight from Private. Totally untouched Prussian General's Pickelhaube with its Parade Richter and Cock Feather plume.

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French Model 1892 Holster

Nice Original Holster for the French Ordnance revolver of the model 1892. Very good condition overall - See pictures.

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Bavarian 2nd Schwere Reiter Regiment - NCO or Eigenthums Helm.

High quality manufacturing and gilting to this helmet. Extra large size in excellent overall condition

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French Model 1892 Ersatz type or WW1 type Holster

Nice and crisp Holster for the French Ordnance Revolver of the model 1892. This pattern used mainly in the WW1 period as lighter manufacture as the standard model. Arsenal stamp. Missing one leather attachment in the back. See pictures

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Bavarian Officer Frontplate

Bavarian officer Emblem in brass, original good condition. On brad/screw broken, no nuts. Note that crown top is missing small cross, otherwise OK. Needs some TLC (see pictures)

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RARE German Model 1883 REICHREVOLVER Holster

From an Old collection, brown leather holster for Reichsrevolver. Regimental marked Inside the upper leather piece. Missing the buckle to lock the cartridge holder. Overall very nice, leather supple with some cracks detailed in pictures.

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Baden Infantry Enlisted Pickelhaube model 1895

Nice enlisted helmet from one of the smaller States / Duchies of the prewar model 1895.

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Prussian Pre-War Belt Buckle for enlisted man.

Original Brass Buckle for a Prussian EM belt with German Silver center piece and devise "GOTT MIT UNS". Original solder. Uncleaned-Unpolished

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Wurttemberg Brass NCO type Frontplate

Straight woodwork find, left totally uncleaned. High quality manufacturing, with its original finish. Distance between brass screws is 71 mm. No Nuts.

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Prussian 2nd Kurassier "Koeningin Regiment" Enlisted Helmet

New find - Vet brought back in WW2 - Original Kurassier Pickelhaube. HOHENFRIEDBERG Bandeau. Probable wartime re-issue.

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German Colonial Belt Buckle in mint condition

Brass Buckle most likely of private purchase quality with Silver Medallion bearing the Imperial Crown and motto "GOTT MIT UNS". 100% original.

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Baden Enlisted/NCO type gilt brass frontplate

High quality manufactured Brass Baden Frontplate with screw attachment. Original finish. Left totally uncleaned. Distance between screw points 85 mm. No nuts.

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Bavarian Enlisted Man Belt Buckle - Pre War model in Brass.

Original Buckle for the Kingdom of Bavaria. In Brass with Silver medallion bearing the Royal Crown of Bavaria with Motto "IN TREUE FEST". Note a small dents in the crown center.

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Prussian Line dragoon Enlisted Pickelhaube

Prussian Line Dragoon Regiments EM Model 1895. Black lacquered helmet body with brass trim. Helmet has good form and firm stitching.

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Prussian Wartime Belt Buckle and Leather piece.

WW1 era Prussian Metal buckle with remnant of leather piece dated "Berlin 1915". Overall used/worn condition with no feldgrau paint left.

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Bavarian Officer State Cockard

Bavarian officer Cockard in original very good condition. Nice crisp colors remaining. Complete with backing in cardboard. Left uncleaned.

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Prussian Garde du Corps Officers Pickelhaube Spike and Base

Original Garde du Corps Officer Spike made in German Silver or "Maillechort" and Tombac for the Fluted spike.

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Bavarian Officer Spike And Base

Bavarian officer spike and base in original good condition. Removable spike that has the former and more elegant "flueting" pattern.Needs some TLC (see pictures)

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