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Before World War I and the time of mechanized armies there was the Age of Kings. The great armies of the late 1900's were heirs to a rich military heritage. These armies embodied the spirit and national identity of the nations they served. There are few alive today who have witnessed the pomp and grandeur of a great military parade of the pre 1914 era.

The pageantry of processions of cavalry troops, artillery columns and massed infantry in colorful uniforms and headgear must have been a fantastic sight. Our goal is to provide information, research and contact within the collector community. We hope to provide regular informational postings related to military collectibles of the era.

We encourage the reader to send information and research request to our site. In addition Age of Kings will also offer items for sale through our website or at auction.

Age of Kings is offering helmets recently obtained “out of the woodwork” sources in Germany. The pieces are all original and beautifully “Salty”. Watch our site as we offer these amazing items.

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Bavarian Artillery Officer/NCO Pickelhaube with Red Parade Busch

Totally virgin helmet, near MINT left untouched with approx 90% original reddish Fire Gilt remaining.

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Prussian Wartime Officers Field belt -Subdued version in FG.

Brown pebbled leather belt with Subdued in Field Grey Brass Buckle, see close-up pictures. "W" partial miss. Overall nice condition, soft leather in VG shape. Note that the 2 finger brass prongs -although original- may not belong to this belt?

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Saxon Infantry Officer/NCO Pickelhaube with carrying case -Mint.

Absolutely 100% original  and left uncleaned, in about as good condition as it gets. Helmet comes with the original carrying case.

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Prussian Wartime Officers Field belt

Brown pebbled leather belt with Subdued/Dirty Brass Buckled. Overall very nice condition, soft leather with some minor cracks as can be seen. Note that the 2 finger brass prongs -although original- may not belong to this belt?

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Prussian 73rd Infantry Fusilier Regiment NCO Pickelhaube - Pre 1899.

Named to Einjährig-Freiwilliger "Metzger" 3.Company Fusilie Regiment "General Feldmarschall Prinz Albrecht Von Preussen (Hannovarian) Nr. 73.

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Bavarian Reserve Infantry Officers Pickelhaube

100% original Helmet that needs a little TLC and priced accordingly.

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Prussian Luftschiffer Btl. 5 Shako for Enlisted. Regimentaly Marked Rare.

Back visor nicely Marked/Stamped to the "L.B.5" or Luftschiffer Battalion 5 and dated 1913 which also was the year the Battalion was created and stationed in Graundenz.

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Prussian Jaeger zu Pferd Enlisted model 1915 Pickelhaube - Near Mint.

Maker marked inside "Schulz & Holdfleisch" and "Berlin" and size "56" on back panel.  This is the first time we have ever encountered this maker.

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Bavarian Infantry TRANSITION  Pickelhaube model 1886.

Outstanding example of a unique helmet worn by the Bavarian Infantry. Very rare to find a complete M1886/1896 helmet.   A must for a Bavarian collector.  

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Hessen 25th or 61st Field Artillery Officer Model 1897 Pickelhaube

Another "out of the woodwork" helmet.  Beautiful and absolutely 100% and untouched.

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Prussian 2nd Garde Dragoon Officers, Pickelhaube

Regiment Kaiserin Alexandra von Russland, stationed in Berlin. Overall excellent condition and a single regiment helmet.

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