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Württemberg Infantry Wartime Officers Pickelhaube

Outstanding Wartime Helmet

$1 595.00

Wuerttemberg Infantry Officer Model 1897-1916. Fantastic Wartime helmet. This is a classic Model 1916 Wartime Officer helmet model. Black lacquered FIBER body helmet body in excellent condition and firm stitching. This helmet has a square front visor and crossed spike base. Helmet body is in perfect shape with no extra holes. All trim is mixed metal “Kriegsmetall” or wartime metal. It has been left uncleaned as found in an attic. The Frontplate is the Wurttemberg coat of arms with the "Furschtlos und Trew" banner. Frontplate is lightly gilded. Crossed base and spike including back spine and front visor trim are field gray in color. Spike screws off at cross base. This is common in M1916 patterns.

The Inside of the helmet is full officers with the calfskin sweat leather and silk liner. Inner is in near perfect condition. Inner visors colored red and green which is proper for officer helmets. Flat gold chinscales are in the pattern of 1916. They are fitted over a M91 side lug witht he chinscale having a faux rosette (see photo). The side lug allows easy exchange for a leather chinstrap in the field. Officer style Wurttemberg and Reich colored Cockades. This helmet is in perfect condition and appears to never have been worn. This is an outstanding and rare WWI era Wuerttemberg officer helmet.

  • Ref.Head768
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Wurttemberg
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