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Württemberg Field Artillery Eigentums Pickelhaube - Mint

Named to "Kürzendorfer" in Its original case.

$1 850.00
Württemberg Field Artillery Eigentums Pickelhaube - Mint

Wurttemberg Field Artillery private purchase helmet for NCO or Fahnrich Model 1897. Black lacquered leather body with round front visor and beautiful fire gilt trim. Helmet has perfect form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer is in excellent shape with matte finish from age. Interior has sweat leather lining and silk headliner in near mint condition.

No extra holes in helmet body. All fire gilt trim remains beautiful. Round spike base with 4 gold brads at the spike base. Beautiful artillery ball top that is removable. Front plate is an officer quality gilded Wurttemberg crest with the Stag and Lion holding the Wurttemberg code of arms.  Antlers of deer have been sligthly broken near the tip (see photo). Rounded gilt chinscales on screw type rosette. Original Reichs and Wurttemberg cockades.

Helmet came with its original caarying case named to "Kurzendorfer in Langenburg Württemberg". A beautiful and untouched set that came directly from a private household near Stuttgart. Absolutely 100% original.


  • Ref.Head570
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Wurttemberg