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Württemberg Enlisted Tin Ersatz Enlisted Pickelhaube & Cover.

Absolutely MINT condition with its Cover

$2 795.00

MINTY!! Wurttemberg Infantry enlisted mans stamped metal Ersatz helmet circa 1914. Recently purchased from a fine collection. Black metal helmet body with beautiful black enamel paint and fine bright brass trim. This helmet appears to be one of the early multi-piece "kit" type of early WWI. This helmet is the standard pattern with round front visor trim and round spike base. The helmet has perfect form and appears to have never been worn. No extra holes in the helmet body besides the pre-stamped original & time period holes. The helmet also came with its original field cover.

Exterior lacquer is bright with perfect mirror like finish. All metal trim remains bright with original finish. Interior of the helmet has a leather EM style round tabbed liner. The liner is amazingly soft and supple. Interior of the helmet is also black paint with the number “7” inked into the top of the crown. The frontplate is the Wurttemberg coat of arms. Round spike base with faux round brads in retained to helmet body by being crimped in the center. Original leather chinstrap on M91 side posts. Reichs and Württemberg EM Cockades. Absolutely perfect helmet. MINT-We have never seen an ersatz helmet in such a Pristine condition!

  • Ref.Head990
  • Overall condition Mint
  • State / Country Wurttemberg