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Wuerttemberg Pioneer 13th Pioneer Eigenthum's Helm - Pickelhaube

Another woodwork find from the same source. Untouched helmet that is 100% Original. Could also be proper for the 119th or 123rd Grenadier Regiments.

$1 850.00
Wuerttemberg Pioneer 13th Pioneer Eigenthum's Helm - Pickelhaube

Black lacquered leather body with round front visor and Silver trim. Helmet has good form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer is in excellent shape and well kept some lacquer lose visible to the back visor. Interior has sweat leather lining and silk headliner in overall excellent condition. No extra holes in helmet body. Round spike base with 4 silver brads at the spike base. Tall smooth silver spike. that is removable.

Front plate is the Silver Wurttemberg "Wappen" -officers grade- with the Stag and Lion hold the Wurttemberg code of arms. Below the "Furtchtlos und Trew" bandeau. Original  Reichs and State cockades. Flat gilt chinscales on M1891 posts. Interior of lining has an old collectors etiquette with hand written of the inventory number and unit. A beautiful and untouched helmet. Absolutely 100% original.

  • Ref.Head230
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Wurttemberg