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Saxon Leib Grenadier Regiment 100, Officers Pickelhaube

Elite Regiment - Royal Saxon

$2 200.00

Royal Saxon 100th Life Grenadier Regiment - Officer Model 1897. From an old collection. Wartime Model black lacquered fiber helmet body with German silver metal trim. The helmet body has excellent form and firm stitching. The front visor is the classic late Saxon half squared shape. Exterior lacquer shows matte exterior finish. No extra holes in the helmet body. The interior of the helmet has a brown sweat leather with silk officer style headliner. The inner visors are red and green as is proper for officer helmet. Metal trim is wartime with silver over brass metal. The front plate is a German Silver Star with Brass Saxon center piece. The frontplate held to body with screw retainers. Officer style spike and base with the spike being removable. Spike base held to helmet with star retainers. Flat silver officer chinscales with silver rosette. Special Saxon style Non-Serrated Reichs and Saxon Officer style cockades. Outstanding and Rare Wartime Saxon Elite regimental helmet.

  • Ref.Head1038
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Saxon
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