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Saxon Infantry Reserve Officer/NCO Pickelhaube with Case & Cover

Named to Officer. Nice grouping.

$1 850.00

Saxon 134th Infantry Regiment - One Year Volunteer helmet, case and cover Model 1897. Officer quality inside and out. Found in Europe from the family. Black lacquered leather body with gilt trim. Helmet body has good form and fine stitching. Exterior finish nearly flawless. The front visor with slight mishape. No extra holes in helmet body. Inside lining is of full officers grade with calf skin sweatband and silk headliner. Interior visors are not colored but soldiers name "Klug" is written inside.

Gilt round spike base with officers spike that unscrews on top (spike with tiny dent, see picture). Base retained by four star studs which are proper for NCO helmets with Officers rank (Offizierstelvertreter). The front plate is the three piece Saxon starburst, Reserve cross and the silver coat of arms, maintained by two nuts. Flat chinscales held by rosettes over the proper type/model Saxon and Reichs Officers cockades. Helmet case is standard type with owners personal name tag stitched to the inside of cloth "134. Regt 2.Komp. Einjährig-Freiwilliger Klug". Set includes Officer style field cover It is rare to find such a wonderful named grouping. This is a real piece of history.

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  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Saxon
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