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Saxon Garde Reiter wartime -Model 1916- Enlisted Pickelhaube

Straight woodwork find. Excellent example. Very RARE

$7 750.00

Polished steel helmet in excellent condition with only very minor flaws (see pictures). excellent shape and large size. The helmet has the typical wartime grey finish (mostly seen inside the shell), but a "Novice" collector has GENTLY taken the steel brush or sand paper and cleaned up most of the grey trim finish from the spike and base. The front and back visors (side as well) remains with a little more grey finish. So....that was the not so good news! However the Frontplate was left UNTOUCHED and is 100% original to helmet.

The other good News is the Helmet is 100% Text book. Nicely marked inside from "Osang 1916". The Frontplate retains ALL of it original Patina (NO extra holes). And also fits the helmet perfectly. The front trim also has the two minuscule (Pin size) rivets typical to Osang Manufacturing. The Spike (Bayonet type) is the proper type (that untwists on top) for Garde Reiters. The back visor is lined with thin black leather as were all the ones we have seen! The Front visor is painted in green inside and has the proper "G.R" markings stamped on the side for this unit.

Inside Lining is wartime brown and still supple. Also fits the shell like a glove. The Chinstrap (Brown) looks to be an original to me undoubtfully...however the Leather specialists of this work may think Not! We can debate all day about it, it needed to be mentionned. Large Reich and Saxon Enlisted Cockades that fit over the proper Kurassier type M1894 Feldgrau. A once in a lifetime to occasion to find a real one....

  • Ref.Head858
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Saxon
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