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Saxon Felt Ersatz Enlisted Pickelhaube

Helmet is in near mint condition

$1 495.00

Saxon Line Infantry green felt Ersatz helmet for an enlisted man circa 1914. From and old WWI collection. Fine green felt helmet body with brass trim. Felt body is very firm and in excellent shape. Slight discoloration in felt around spike base as helmet had the black metal retaining plate erroneously placed under the spike base. The plate is now in the proper place. Prewar quality brass trim. No extra holes in helmet body. Black leather tongue style liner in excellent shape. No visible markings. Enlisted style spike top that does not untwist. Original brass brads holding base to helmet body. Frontplate is the Saxon Line regiments brass star and silver crest secured to helmet body by leather wedges. Original leather chinstrap. Original Reichs and Saxon serrated EM cockades. This helmet is in near mint condition. Beautiful example of a Saxon Wartime felt Ersatz helmet.

  • Ref.Head679
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Saxon
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