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Saxon 12th Train Battalion Shako Model1867/73

Beautiful regimental markings and dates.

$1 350.00
Saxon 12th Train Battalion Shako Model1867/73

Leather shako body with original black "filz/Tissu" lining. Overall in excellent condition. One aeration vent on each side of the specific Saxon pattern. Semi square leather front visor. Original Brass Saxon sunburst with silver crest in its center. No bush. Black leather strap with orignal buckles.

Inside Nicely marked to the "12. TB" were it was originaly affected in 1885 in Dresden. Then later in 1889 the trooper went to the 19th Train Battalion stationned in Leipzig (1, October 1889). Nicely marked/stamped testimony and 100% original.

  • Ref.Head421
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Saxon
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