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Royal Hannover Guard du Corps Enlisted Pickelhaube

This is a rare period helmet from an elite regiment.

2 300.00 $ $1 800.00

Royal Hannover Guard du Corps Regiment Enlisted Man Model 1853. Another woodwork find. Early heavy steel kurassier style in the unique Hannoverian pattern with steel helmet body and brass trim. Helmet body is excellent shape with mild surface spot oxidation but no heavy rusting. Interior has EM style leather liner with painted black back visor and green front visor. Football formed brass spike base and steel spike. Flat style chinscales on rosette with single Prussian colored cockade on right side of helmet. Missing frontplate and banners that were worn by the Hannoverian GdC. This frontplates are found from time to time in German Auction and eBay. The King of Hannover adopted the Prussian style helmets for his army in 1843. This Hannoverian Guard du Corp adopted the steel helmet instead of the tombak one. Hannover joined the Austrian Alliance against Prussia in the War of 1866. When Prussia defeated the alliance the King of Hannover Abdicated his throne and relocated to England. Prussia assume hegemony over the Hannoverian kingdom reducing the Kings rank to a Duke. The Hannoverian Army was incorporated into the Prussian Army in the Treaty of 1867. This helmet was no longer used after this date. This is a rare period helmet from an elite regiment. It needs care but a great candidate for restoration.

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