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Prussian WaffenMeister Pickelhaube

Beautiful and untouched helmet

$2 195.00

Prussian "Waffenmeister" Armorer Officer Model 1897. This is an extremely rare helmet ( reference DAS DEUTSCHE HEER - Textband I, page 326.)  The Waffenmeister and Zeughauswaffenmeister were responsible for maintaining and proof stamping of all weapons used by the army.  They were military administrative (Beamte) officers.  They wore a distinctive Prussian Beamte Eagle inside a shield.

Helmet is untouched and is 100% original. Black lacquered helmet body with fine fire gilt trim. Helmet body has excellent form and firm stitching. The exterior lacquer is matte with age but otherwise in perfect condition. There are no extra holes behind frontplate. Helmet interior has sweat leather and silk headliner. Interior visors lined with red and green as is proper for officer helmets. The fire gilt metal trim has not been polished.

The front plate is the Prussian Line Eagle with small silver Administrative eagle inside a crest. Tall removable spike secured to helmet body with plain stud retainers. Fine gilded rounded chinscales on rosettes. Officer Reichs and Prussian 2-piece cockades. This is an original WWI era historical helmet that is all original.  This is the only Waffenmeister helmet that we have ever found.  Beautiful and untouched helmet.

  • Ref.Head674
  • Overall condition Mint
  • State / Country Prussian
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