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Prussian Line Pioneer Battalion, Enlisted Pickelhaube

Untouched helmet, out of the woodwork.


Prussian Line Pioneer (Engineer) Battalion Enlisted Man Model 1895. Helmet is right out of the woodwork. Original and untouched. Black lacquered leather helmet body with German silver trim. Helmet body is in excellent shape and firm stitching. No extra holes in helmet body. Exterior lacquer in good condition with mild crazing and some scratches. There is no lacquer loss. Interior has leather liner in near mint condition. Interior of visors have indistinguishable markings and a strong imprint of the date 1918. German silver trim has not been cleaned or polished. Spike mounted on a round base with four round domes at spike base. German Silver Prussian Line Eagle on wedges. M1891 side lugs. Left side lug has been replaced. No chinsttrap or cockades. Untouched helmet that is out of the woodwork.

  • Ref.Head602
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Prussian