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Prussian Model 1842 Reserve Infantry Officer Pickelhaube - Rare.

This is the very Rare first pattern.

$5 850.00

Prussian Line Infantry Reserve Officer to Model 1842. Outstanding and rare untouched "First Issue" Pickelhaube helmet. Tall and heavy black lacquered leather helmet body in with square front visor. Exterior lacquer with near perfect finish (see photos). Helmet body is very tall and has excellent form and firm stitching. No extra holes in helmet body. All metal trim in gold. Prussian Line Regiments style Eagle without bandeau but with a silver Reserve Cross imbedded into center of eagle's chest.

Large crossed spike base and maintained by gilt stars (one missing) with old style looped nuts underneath. Tall smooth spike that does not twist off. Heavy convex gold officers chinscales maintained by M1842 rosettes. The rosettes are pierced with an elongated brass rod that is screwed though it (see photo). Single Large Prussian Officers Cockade on right side of helmet. Inside fine leather flat tabbed officer style lining is complete and still in soft condition. Red and green underlays to the visors as proper for officers' helmets. This is the very Rare first pattern Prussian Spiked Helmet. This is the classic helmet that every collection should have. EXTREMELY RARE absolutely original, beautiful condition and Historical piece

  • Ref.Head741
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Prussian
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