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Prussian Medical Service Enlisted Pickelhaube

Unique and Mint Condition

$1 395.00

Prussian "MilitärKrankenwärter" (Military Medical Service)- Enlisted Mans helmet Model 1895.  The ensemble includes a white cotton Red Cross armband worn by this unit.  Black lacquered leather helmet with brass trim.  Standard enlisted pattern helmet with round visor.   Excellent form and firm stitching.  No extra holes in the helmet body.   The helmet frontplate is the Prussian Line Eagle held to helmet body with original leather wedges.

Bright brass round spike base with maintained by 4 round/split brads. Smooth spike that is the proper pattern that DOES NOT untwisted at base.  The inside has the original black dyed leather lining that is also in mint condition. Inside the helmet body is the soldier's personal paper tag "Militärkrankenwärter Bacher"(We have collected helmets for MANY years and have never seen a Soldiers ID tag for this unit)Original leather chinstrap over a set of M91 side lugs. Enlisted style Reichs and Prussian cockades. Absolutely Mint and beautiful helmet.  Very rare piece of history found in Alsace.

  • Ref.Head1021
  • Overall condition Mint
  • State / Country Prussian