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Franco Prussian War Landsturm Jäger Shako

100% original and historical helmet

$1 250.00

Franco Prussian War era Prussian Landsturm Model 1860 enlisted pattern shako. The second of these shako found at a show in Germany. Large style heavy leather early pattern shako size 57. Full leather headliner in excellent condition. The Frontplate is the Prussian Landsturn plate with the reserve cross in its center. Held to the shako with two leasther wedges (note one is missing and replaced by a piece of wood). Helmet profusely marked with handwritten names to the various "wearers" (Vockle, Schmidt and Sauvigny) and 2 different unit stamps. "J.R.??"  and "J.R.38" inside back visor.

Original leather chinstrap. Enlisted style original field badge with cloth missing and painted over in white and red. Overall condition is EXCELLENT. A well-known helmet pattern that is seen in many drawings and photos of the Franco Prussian War. 100% original and historical helmet that is over 150 years old.

  • Ref.Head696
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Prussian