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Prussian Jäger zu Pferd Officers Lobstertail Pickelhaube

Beautiful silver "Lobster Tail" helmet

$3 850.00

Prussian Jäger zu Pferde for Regiments 1-4 and 7, Officers helmet Model 1905. The Jäger zu Pferde units were established in 1905 and consisted of 13 regiments. The helmet body is made of thinly stamped steel and bright nickeled body helmet with silver metal trim. Helmet body has perfect form and in condition with bright exterior finish. No damage or rusting on helmet body.

There are no extra holes in helmet body. The helmet has a sweat leather and silk headliner. The interior back visor lined with black velvet with front visor lined with tan leather. Inside liners show wear but in excellent condition. The helmet front plate is the Prussian Dragoon style Eagle. The helmet has a cross base with fluted Kurassier style fluted spike. Rounded brass chinscales under clover leaf rosettes. Large Reichs and Prussian cockades (the later are modern day replacements). Beautiful silver "Lobster Tail" helmet

  • Ref.Head1027
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Prussian
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