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Prussian Garde Train Abteilung NCO - Private purchase Pickelhaube

Uncleaned - Straight woodwork find. Excellent condition overall.

$2 595.00
Prussian Garde Train Abteilung NCO - Private purchase Pickelhaube

Black lacquered leather body with round front visor and gilt trim. Round spike base retained by 4 gilt brads and topped with a tall smooth removable  spike. Frontplate is the large winged Garde Eagle nicely GILT frosted with in its center the Silver Star of the black eagle Order  and the "SUMM CUIQUE" motto. Frontplate left deep marks in leather as can be seen in pictures and is a definite original to this helmet.

Both original NCO cockards mounted underneath convex gilt chinscales and rosettes. Inside has  the calfskin lining with a very fine grade of brown silk. Red and green lined visors for Officers.  Note that there has been a small repair to the shell visible (stress crack) only visible from the inside as it left no marks outside the helmet shell (pictured). This specific helmet was ONLY used in the Garde Train Abteilung Stationed in Berlin and wore a white plume for parade. An extremely rare helmet to find in excellent overall condition. Guaranteed 100% original.

  • Ref.Head212
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Prussian