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Prussian Garde Infantry Bandmaster Officers Pickelhaube

Impressive and rare helmet - Original and untouched

$3 500.00
Prussian Garde Infantry Bandmaster Officers Pickelhaube

Prussian Guard Infantry Bandmaster Officer Model 1897 to Parade. 100% original and untouched helmet. Black lacquered fiber (Depahag) body with fire gilt metal trim. Helmet body has good form and firm stitching. The weight of the plume has slightly warped the body (see photo) but that is not detractive.  Exterior lacquer in near perfect condition with original polished sheen. Interior visor colored red and green.  Interior has officer style sweat leather and silk headliner.

Frontplate is the large winged Garde Eagle with fire gilt finish. In its center the Silver Star of the Black Eagle Order and the "SUMM CUIQUE" motto. There are extra holes behind frontplate (see photos). Fiber body helmets were oftentimes pre-punched for line plates.  As one can see in the photos, the frontplate left nice marks in helmet body.  There is no evidence of another helmet plate ever being on helmet.   Officer spike base with star retainers. In place of spike is a tall gilded trichter on which is a red yack hair plume.  The plume fits the helmet perfect as "troops of foot" wear the plume to the edge of the front visor stitching.  The red plume is for the Master of the Regimental Band.  For non-Bavarian troops, the red plumes are much less seldomly found than white or black ones.  Flat gilded scales with rosette attachments. Original officer Reichs and Prussian cockades. Impressive and rare helmet.

  • Ref.Head466
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Prussian