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Prussian Infantry Enlisted Pickelhaube to Parade

100% original and Untouched

$1 400.00
Prussian Infantry Enlisted Pickelhaube to Parade

Prussian Infantry Enlisted Mans helmet Model 1895 with Black Horsehair parade plume. Untouched, out of the "Woodwork" find. Black lacquered leather helmet body with brass trim. Helmet body has perfect form and fine stitching. Exterior lacquer has soft age-related sheen but no cracks or damage. Interior of helmet has black dyed EM style leather liner that is still soft. Liner has some light scuffing due to age, but no other damage. Inner visors are natural colored. No makers marks or issue stamps legible.

Frontplate is the Prussian Line Eagle. Frontplate is held to helmet with original leather wedges. All brass trim including base/plume trichter, back spine, side lugs and front visor trim are oxidized to a brown color. Fine conditioned black horsehair parade plume.   Only a select few Line Regiment were honored to wear a plume for parade.  Original leather chinstrap and Serrated Reich and Prussian cockades. This helmet is 100% original and untouched. Great WWI era elite helmet.

  • Ref.Head759
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Prussian
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