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Prussian 1st Leib Hussar Enlisted Busby

Great WW1 Era Helmet

$2 700.00

Prussian 1st Leib Hussar Enlisted Man Busby circa 1915. Another helmet from the old collection that has been locked away for 40 years. This helmet was also in Eric Johanssons 1980 "Pickelhaube" book.  The Busby made of black seal fur with a mix of field gray and German Silver fittings. Exterior fur is in excellent condition with only minor loss of fur (see Photos). No moth damaged noted. Helmet is the standard "bamboo" frame construction. The Interior of the helmet has black leather liner. There are extra holes in the helmet body. Inside the leather top is the makers stamp and date.  On the front of the Busby is the banner "Mit Gott fur Koenig und Vaterland". Below the banner is the Prussian Skull and Cross bones emblem for the Leib Regiment.  

Original Prussian black and white cloth field badge above frontplate. Field Gray metal fittings for leather chinstrap over field gray M91 side lugs. On the right of the helmet is an EM style Reich Cockade. On top is the Red Kolpak and rolled white cotton side cord. This helmet with furled banner is not the correct configuration for use with the Skull frontplate but it is a genuine WWI era Hussar helmet.  As evidenced by the attached photograph of a US Doughboy wearing a busby exactly like the one offered here, there is no doubt that some of these helmets were used during WWI.  This helmet has been carefully stored for over 40 years. We have discussed this with the consignor and he has agreed to offer this helmet at a discounted price.  Great WWI era helmet.

  • Ref.Head997
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Prussian
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