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Prussian 23rd Field Artillery Enlisted Pickelhaube

Helmet is stamped "23 AR"


Prussian 23rd Artillery Regiment (Coblenz) Enlisted Man Model 1895 Beautiful black lacquered leather helmet body with high polished brass trim. The helmet body has perfect form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer is mildly crazed with age but no lacquer loss. The interior of the helmet has black enlisted style leather liner that is in excellent condition. The inner back visor of the helmet is stamped "23 AR". No extra holes in the helmet body. The front plate is the Prussian Line Regiments heraldic eagle. The frontplate is held to the helmet by the original leather wedges. Spike base with non-removable ball. Original leather chinstrap on M1891 side lugs. Reichs and Prussian EM style cockades. This helmet is 100% original and untouched. Great WWI era artliiery helmet.

(Inv. 9-10)