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Mecklenburg Schwerin Enlisted 89th Infantry Pickelhaube

A must for an advanced collector.

$3 250.00

RARE! Mecklenburg Schwerin 89th Grenadier Regiment - 1st and 3rd Batallions Enlisted Man Model 1868. Extremely Rare helmet model recently found in Europe. The Grand Duke of Mecklenburg Schwerin placed his troops under Prussian Military Administration in July 1868 (Reference: Casques a Pointe de l'armee allemande 1842-1918, by Jean Louis Larcade pages 83-84). They adopted the Prussian style leather spiked helmet but with unique Mecklenburg Schwerin components. Heavy black lacquered helmet body with brass metal trim. Leather helmet body has excellent form and good stitching. There are no extra holes in the helmet body. Interior liner is the EM style leather tongued style. Helmet marked on both back visors "GR 89 - IIIB".

The frontplate is the brass Mecklenburg Schwerin rising star with the Silver Crest of the Grand Duchy in the center. The frontplate held to helmet body with screws. Round spike base topped with the unique Mecklenburg Schwerin fluted tulip style spike with a small round ball on top (see photo). The round ball is removable to allow for the use of a black horsehair parade plume. Spike base held to body with round screw type studs. This pattern was designed with a brass back spike. Flat brass chinscales on rosettes with center steel screw and nuts. Beautiful and unique furled silk cockade on left side of helmet in the blue/red/ yellow colors (see photo). This helmet is exactly like the Model 1868 pictured on page 84 of Larcade's book. This pattern helmet was used by Mecklenburg Schwerin troops during the Franco-Prussian War. A must for an advanced Pickelhaube collector.

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  • Overall condition Excellent
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