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Mecklenburg Schwerin Enlisted 89th Infantry Pickelhaube

Beautiful condition

$2 950.00

Mecklenburg Schwerin 89th(1-3 Battalion) Grenadier Regiment Enlisted Man helmet Model 1895. This is an extremely rare and 100% original helmet. Beautiful black lacquered leather helmet with brass metal trim. The helmet body has excellent form and firm stitching. No extra holes in the helmet body. The exterior lacquer finish is in fine condition with some lacquer cracking but no lacquer loss. No extra holes in the helmet body. All metal trim remains bright has original finish. The interior of the helmet has black leather headliner. The liner is in excellent condition and is still supple. Inner visors are natural colored. The inside back visor is marked "89R" and "1913". Stamped Army Corps marking inside the helmet bell.

The frontplate is the brass 9 pointed "Rising" star with the silver Heraldic Arms of Mecklenburg Schwerin in the center. The frontplate is held to the helmet with loops and original leather wedges. Round spike base with round dome star retainers. The fluted spike that unscrews at base for use of plume during parades. This is only proper for the 89th Regiment. Original leather chinstrap on M91 sidelugs. Original Reichs and Mecklenburg Cockades. The Meckelburg Schwerin helmets are much sought after. This is a very rare helmet from an elite regiment. The helmet is in a condition that is seldom seen today.

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