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Mecklenburg-Schwerin Officer Aspirant/Fahnrich Infantry Pickelhaube

Beautiful helmet from a rare unit.

$2 995.00

Mecklenburg Schwerin 89th Grenadier Regt. 1st and 2nd Battalion and 90th Fusilier Regt., Officer Aspirant/ Fahnrich, Model 1897. Includes conical carrying case. Black lacquered leather helmet body with gold trim. Helmet body has perfect form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer has soft age-related sheen but no cracks or damage. No extra holes in helmet body. Interior of helmet has sweat leather and dark green silk headliner. Interior of leather visors are natural leather and are not colored. Front plate is the gold Mecklenburg Schwerin star and silver center device.

All metal trim had been cleaned by the previous owner (see photos). Round spike base with tall fluted spike that is removable. Gold round studs at base. Gold chinscales on gold rosettes. Officer style Reichs and Mecklenburg cockades. Helmet shows age and is in excellent condition. This helmet is original but has been cleaned. Carrying case in excellent condition. Beautiful custom-made officer quality helmet from a rare unit

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