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Hessen Wartime Model 1915 Pickelhaube

Inside back visor marked to the R.B.A.18

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Hessen Line Infantry Regiments, EM ersatz/replacement helmet (see photo of 168th Infantry Regiment Hessen troops with mixed head gear).  This is a rare find that is marked to the RBA 18 the Hessen 18th army corps.  The helmet was originally made prewar as a Prussian helmet and with issued pre-war in German silver trim.  After 1915 the helmet was reconstructed with some field gray trim added.  The exterior finish is matte with age (see photo) but has no cracks or flaws. Helmet has good form and firm stitching. There are no extra holes in the helmet body.  After reconstruction the field gray Hessen style spike on round base with removable fluted spike was added. The frontplate is still a line Prussian style that has left deep marks in the helmet leather. Plate held to helmet body through grommeted holes and loops with leather wedges (see photos).

Helmet interior has black dyed leather EM style headliner. Liner is complete. The Interior visors are natural leather that has legible markings in ink stamped "R.B.A.18". This indicates that the helmet was reissued to the 18th Army Corp (proper for Hessen). All metal parts have equal oxidation and minor discoloration. No chinstrap or cockades.  This is an original marked helmet that has a genuine WWI history. A rare Hessen "replacement" field gray helmet that was probably used under a field cover by new recruits. This helmet came 'out of the woodwork' in Europe and is rare and untouched.  Extremely rare Wartime era helmet

  • Ref.Head683
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Hessen
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