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Hessen Line Infantry Officers Pickelhaube

Likely a pre-1897 Hessen 115th Officer.

$2 450.00

Hessen Line Infantry Officers helmet Model 1897.  Possibly a pre-1897 Hessen 115 officer helmet (*see below). Beautiful black leather helmet body with gilded brass fittings. The helmet body is very solid with fine exterior lacquer.  This helmet has not been cleaned or polished.  Helmet has very good form and firm stitching.  Leather finish still is bright and has not been damaged or has lacquer loss.  There are 2 extra holes above the frontplate in the position for an early style gold Hessen “1621” banner.  *We feel that this helmet was an older gold pattern 115 LGIR that was replaced in 1897 with the silver trim new style helmet. 

The helmet was refitted with removal of the banner and used as a standard officer helmet.  Interior has full officer style with sweat leather and blue silk headliner. Interior visors are red and green as it proper for an Officer helmet.  The front plate is the standard Hessen Lion. Hessen style crossed spike base with ornamentation at spike base which is another clue that this was an elegant Life Guard regiment before. Extremely tall Hessen style fluted spike. Semi-rounded chinscales on rosettes over 2-piece Reichs and non-serrated Hessen officer cockades. Overall a beautiful Hessen Officer.  If a collector has an older pattern gold “1621” banner, they may wish to restore it to this helmet.  Potentially a VERY RARE helmet.

The last picture shows an example of a helmet from the old collection that appeared in Eric Johanssons book. You can find it on page 51. What a wonderful Providence for this helmet.

  • Ref.Head875
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Hessen