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Hessen 115th Leib-Garde Regiment. Officers Pickelhaube

Rare and beautiful elite regimental helmet.

$6 750.00
Hessen 115th Leib-Garde Regiment. Officers Pickelhaube

Grand Ducal Hessen Life-Guard Infantry Regiment No. 115, Officer Model 1897 circa 1914. Beautiful World War I era helmet. Elegant black fiber helmet complete with all fittings in silver fittings and enameled front star. The helmet body has good form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer smooth with on a few small age-related scratches. No extra holes in helmet body. Interior has sweat leather and silk headliner. Sweat leather embossed with the mark "Depahag Patent". Sweat leather is dry and fragile. There are several small tears in the sweat leather but is otherwise complete. Silk headliner is in good condition.

Emblem is the double wreathed Hessen Lion is still "frosty" silver-plated with polished edges, On the Lions chest is the silver star with the Grand Ducal Hessen house order with the center finely enameled "Gott-Ehre-Vaterland" on a black background. Above and behind the Lions head is the bandeau "1621" commemorating the year the regiment was established. Crossed spiked base with round domed retainers. Fluted spike in the typical Hessian design. Rounded chinscales on silver rosettes. The back-spine brace typical for Hesse with 2 ball rivets. Size 57. Genuine wartime era construction of fiber body helmet and fittings. Helmet is slightly worn. Genuine and original wartime era officers' helmet. Rare and beautiful elite regimental helmet.

  • Ref.Head428
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Hessen
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