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Hessen 115th Leib-Garde Infantry NCO Pickelhaube

Helmet is absolutely 100% original and untouched

$4 500.00

Hessen 115th Life Guard Infantry Regt. (1st Grand Ducal Hessen Regt.). One Year Volunteer or Fahnrich, Model 1897. Beautiful helmet that was recently found in an Estate Sale in Rhode Island. Helmet is absolutely 100% original and untouched. Black lacquered helmet body with silver trim. Helmet has good form and firm stitching. The exterior lacquer is matte with age (see photo) but has no cracks or flaws. There are no extra holes behind frontplate. Helmet interior has sweat leather and silk headliner that is in excellent condition. Interior visors lined with red and green as is proper for officer helmets. Helmet is large sized (approx 58) and has not shrunken with age. All metal parts are gray toned with oxidation and age.

The fine silver metal trim can still be seen on the edges. The front plate is the Grand Ducal double wreath Lion on whose breast is placed the Star of Hessen. The star is vaulted 2-piece construction. Behind plate can be seen the unused holes for the flat 1-piece star. Hessen style crossed spike base topped by a fluted removable spike. Cross base secured to helmet body with round domed retainers. Flat silver chinscales on silver rosettes. Officer Reichs and Non-Serrated Hessen 1-piece cockades. This is a 100% original piece and officer quality throughout. The only difference between this and a full officer is an enameled star and pierce crown on Lion's head. This a beautiful and untouched helmet for the discriminating collector.

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