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French "Gendarme à Cheval" Enlisted Cavalry Helmet

Model 1912 - Third République - Beautiful exemple


Brass shell with silver trim. The shell is stamped out of one single piece of metal and bears ventilations holes on the upper parts - under the cimier - Marked in the back by "Franck & ses fils - Aubervilliers" also sized "58". The front and back visors are lacquered with dark green paint. The "Bandeau" in "maillechort" or German Silver is stamped out with the motif of a flaming grenade surounded by laurel leaves. The cimier with the front medusa head is also made of Maillechort and held to the shell by 4 silver screws. The "plumet" red-white-blue and its olive are a modern copy.

The silver chinscales are mounted on fine leather, the first scale is stamped out in one piece along with a lion head. The letter "A" is marked on this scale. The top of the cimier is mounted with a black horsehair "brush" and finishes into a horse tail. The liner is made of fine leather in excellent condition and is original to this helmet. The overall condition of the shell is excellent, a couple of small dings will show on the picture. The back visor shows some paint loss inside due to a small bent that was restored (see pictures). Other then that th e helmet is in near mint condition and quite hard to be upgraded. 

  • Ref.Head592
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country French