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French Garde du Corps du Roi Model 1814 "Relic Helmet" RARE

Extremely seldom to find!

Offered here - we have an extremely seldom French "Casque a Cimier" for the GARDE du CORPS du Roi unit of the 1st model 1814... In original uncleaned "relic" condition. This helmet was the first one of a very small series of Units such as the "Gendarmes de la Garde du Roi", The Mousquetaires (2 units) etc... introduced after the "1st" fall of the Empire on April 11, 1814.

The Helmet was mounted with a leather shell (that has mostly disapeared), but remains in broken and fragile condition. All metal parts are or silvered cooper components and have been left totally uncleaned. We assume they will come back to their original luster if one desires.

The Fontplate is made of stamped metal bearing the the "SUN" along with the sun rays with a medusa head it in center. Two enterlaced "L" on both sides and a Royale Crown on top for Louis the XVIII. On the bse of the emblem and around the base of the helmet a series of "Clouds" with the bandeau of "NEC PLURIBUS IMPAR" (meaning Superior to All) ...a "devise" from his ancestor Louis the XIV). An ornate bandeau suround the helmet at its base. A tiny piece of the very top of the plate went loose but is part of the sale (see pictures).

The top of the helmet still has the Beautiful and tall "CIMIER" which is extremuly detailed with "Feathers" from large to small towards the back of the helmet. 

No lining, chinscales, rosettes or visors remain....One of the rarest and "prettiest" of this era the French Garde du Corps were unfortuantely disband in 1830.

  • Reference : Head979
  • Overall condition : Good
  • State / Country : French

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